General Electromagnetic Model for the Analysis of Complex Systems

GEMACS consists of a suite of electromagnetic modeling tools for Method of Moments (MOM), Uniform Theory of Diffraction (UTD), Finite Differences (FD), and Eigenvalue/Eigenvector Methods (EV). These four techniques can be used individually or combined into hybrids to work more complex problems.

The GEMACS package also contains numerous support utilities and a graphics interface called XGAUGE (X-window Graphical Aid for the Users of GEMACS). With XGAUGE, a user can build a geometry model with GEMACS modeling elements as well as view surface current, near-field, and far-field results with color-coded contours.

GEMACS integrates several numerical methods with mathematical solution techniques and a user interface to solve a wide variety of electromagnetic problems. Unlike most CEM codes, GEMACS uses a command syntax that allows the user to guide the execution of GEMACS to solve a particular problem. Thus, on one day GEMACS can be used to analyze antennas and on the next day be used to predict EM coupling to structures, just by changing the input commands and their order of execution.

GEMACS itself uses text-based inputs and outputs. The XGAUGE graphical interface can be used as a front-end to GEMACS to build the geometry description or as a back-end to GEMACS to view results such as surface currents, near-zone fields, and far-field patterns. Commercial customers also receive a copy of SmartView, an enhanced 3D visualizer for geometries, surface/wire currents, and patterns.

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