The SmartView 3D Visualizer and Editor

SmartView is a comprehensive 3D visualizer and model editor for geometries, surface currents, near fields, far fields, and other data quantities that can be rendered as a set of points and polygons. Among its features is the ability to render models in a number of ways, evaluate the electromagnetic integrity of models, merge multiple models, and edit models in memory.

SmartView can be divided into four main control sections in addition to the main viewing area in the middle of the main window. Each control section provides the user with an extensive set of flexible features for viewing, rendering, and moving a loaded model.

SmartView has six main rendering modes only, points only, wireframe, polygon, solids, and parts selectable via radio buttons on the left side of the main window. A sampling of SmartView renderings are shown in the figures below. More examples can be found in downloadable Powerpoint files.

Integrity Integrity
Fig 8. Mesh Integrity
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Fig 9. Ploy Integrity
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One of SmartView's unique features is its ability to evaluate the electromagnetic integrity of geometry models from user-supplied conditions. The user programs SmartView to indicate acceptable, marginal, and erroneous modeling conditions via dialog boxes like the one shown in Figure 8 and Figure 9. SmartView then evaluates the user's geometry against those conditions and renders it in green, yellow, and red as shown in Figure 10. The user can then switch to SmartView's Edit mode to make changes to the geometry to alleviate the error conditions. By double clicking on a polygon of interest, a window pops up showing the error condition(s) that SmartView has found.

SmartView can import and export a number of different formats including BYU, STL, X3D, GEMACS, NEC, its native PNT and SV formats, and the Framework's XML schema. Additional conversions can be made with the Component View application and then read by SmartView.

CEM Framework version 4.111
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Fig 1. SmartView User Interface
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Fig 2. Contour Map
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Fig 3. Field Isosurface
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Fig 4. Antenna Pattern
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Fig 5. Interior Isosurface
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Fig 6. Surface Currents
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Fig 7. Matrix Values
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Fig 10. Error Model
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