Application Builder

The Application Builder program is a tool that creates modeling scenarios (applications) from structures, sources, and observable requests. The resulting application can then be sent to a CEM code for execution. Model geometries within the scenario can also be exported as a geometry input file for both GEMACS and the SmartView 3D Visualizer. Application Builder offers CEM Framework users a more visually informative environment for developing scenarios to be executed by allowing extensive visualization capabilities and feature rich user-definable geometries, sources, and observables.

There are currently eight available modeling elements built into Application Builder, as detailed in the table below. Each is controlled by its own popup dialog, examples of which can be seen in Figure 2.

Application Builder offers the same basic features as SmartView, including light sources, clip planes, and easy model movements. Additionally, Application Builder includes a built-in CEM code launcher (Figure 3). Currently GEMACS is the only supported code in the code launcher, but other codes will be added as users request them.

Structures Geometry (GEMACS *.geo format)
Ground Plane (at z=0)
Sources Plane Wave Source
Spherical Wave Source
Impressed Source (voltage drive without lumped loads)
Observables Surface/Wire Currents
Far-Field Patterns
Near-Field Lattices

CEM Framework version 4.111
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Fig 1. Application Builde
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Fig 2. PopUp Windowst
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Fig 3. CEM Code Launch Window
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