About the CEM Framework

The Computational Electromagnetic Modeling Framework is an EM simulation and development platform that increases the productivity of all participants in the electromagnetic analysis of a complex system. The platform provides a collaborative engineering environment in which the participants easily construct simulation inputs, share and re-use data, create computational capabilities that utilize a suite of computational EM modeling tools, and produce engineering results from electromagnetic outputs.

The CEM Framework is being developed to assist all participants in a CEM analysis in the areas of model development, visualization, parametric modeling, and pre- and post- processing of data. The Framework is intended to be code-agnostic and platform independent for maximum utilization throughout the CEM community. Links to details may be found in the menu to the left.

The Framework itself contains no electromagnetic solver software, but it is easily interfaced to GEMACS (General Electromagnetic Model for the Analysis of Complex Systems), also available from ARA. Support for other electromagnetic codes is being added to future releases.

Users and Sponsors

The CEM Framework has been distributed to over 300 organizations in government, contractor, academic, and consultant facilities. Funding sponsorship from the Army Research Laboratory, Army Research Office, Air Force SEEK EAGLE Office, DoD Joint Spectrum Center, and the Naval Surface Warfare Center is gratefully acknowledged.

Pricing and Availability

Single copies of the CEM Framework are available for $11,000 (32-bit systems) and $12,500 (64-bit systems), including one year of email support and updates. Out-years of support may be purchased for $2,000 per year per license. Discounts are available for quantity purchases. The Framework is available for MS Windows (NT, 2000, XP) and Linux. Other operating systems can be supported through special orders.We work with our foreign customers to obtain suitable licenses for export outside the United States.

Evaluation Copy

Request an evaluation copy today by contacting:

Analytical Solutions Division
Telephone: 703-412-9425
1235 South Clark Street, Suite 1212, Arlington, VA 22202

Evaluation copies are full-featured and the evaluation period is 60 days, which can be extended upon request.