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Ion Exchange Technology for the Treatment of Perchlorate

Ions are negatively or positively charged atoms or molecules. Ion exchange resins have the opposite charge of the contaminant ions they are treating. This causes the contaminants to be attracted to and stick to the ion exchange resin similar to the way metal reacts to a magnet. When the contaminant ion attaches to the resin, it displaces another similarly charged ion into the water being treated. That ion is "exchanged" for the contaminant.

regenerable ion exchange resinIon exchange technology can effectively remove nitrate and perchlorate from ground water.  Current ion exchange approaches for perchlorate remediation are expensive, primarily due to the high cost of resin replacement. ARA and The Purolite Companydeveloped a perchlorate-selective, regenerable, weak base anion (WBA) resin ion exchange process for perchlorate (Patent No. US 7,875,186 B2). Successful field demonstrations have been conducted and the ion exchange technology developed using WBA resin has significantly reduced treatment costs.

ARA's Ion Exchange Projects

Groundwater Remediation of Perchlorate: Ion Exchange Pilot Demo
- Redstone Arsenal, Alabama

Drinking Water Treatment for Perchlorate: Ion Exchange Pilot Demo
- Fontana, California

Drinking Water Treatment for Perchlorate: Ion Exchange 1000-gpm Prototype
- Rialto, California