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Renewable, Aromatic, "Drop-in" Jet & Diesel Fuels

The Biofuels ISOCONVERSION (BIC) process converts any renewable oil feed stock into high yields of 100% drop-in, pure hydrocarbon fuels

ARA and Chevron Lummus Global (CLG) have developed the Biofuels ISOCONVERSION (BIC) process based on ARA’s patented, novel Catalytic Hydrothermolysis (CH) process and CLG’s market-leading hydroprocessing technology. With a CAPEX of $1 per annual production gallon and OPEX similar to petroleum refining costs, the BIC process efficiently converts oils from plants or algae into Renewable, Aromatic, Drop-in (Readi) fuels known as ReadiJet ® and ReadiDiesel ®.  These fuels are ready to use, without blending with petroleum, in turbine and diesel engines designed to operate on petroleum-based fuels.

The low-cost BIC process uses water to reduce hydrogen consumption by >50% compared to HEFA and FT fuels, while also reducing catalyst consumption, and carbon footprint relative to other alternative fuel conversion processes.  The BIC process converts any non-edible oil (lipid/triglyceride) directly into high-density aromatic, cycloparaffin, and isoparaffin hydrocarbons that are ideal for drop-in jet (JP-5, JP-8 and Jet A) and diesel (ASTM D 975 and F-76 Naval Distillate) fuels.