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Think Under Fire (TUF) DecisionsDecisions made by leaders in times of crisis are a critical factor in determining the success of an outcome. With that fact in mind, ARA designed the Think Under Fire (TUF) Decisions framework to provide a comprehensive, expandable basis for command / leader-level individual and team training. Generated from work sponsored by the National Guard Bureau, TUF Decisions is predominately used to train command-level emergency response teams. It can also be used to create workflow management tools to guide organizations through command and control and other decision-making tasks.

Think Under Fire DecisionsTUF Decisions is flexible and data-driven--sets of tasks, conditions, and standards specific to the target domain guide its automated assessment engine. This modularity creates domain-specific training environments, which allow a novice individual with little or no exposure to the target domain to grow into an expert member of a larger team. The end result is a single knowledge base that is applied to training learners at varying levels, from beginners to the very experienced. Features of TUF Decisions include:

  • Cognitively authentic training - Based on landmark naturalistic decision-making research.
  • Training for novice to expert level - Novice level participants receive tutoring prompts and remedial learning links to lead them through an exercise.
  • Training for both individuals and teams - Exercise individually with simulated teammates to learn the actions and decisions needed in a role, then train the team to work together in a collective exercise.
  • Customization - Scenario creation tools and on-the-fly inject editing options are available, as well as user tailoring to geographic regions.
  • Web-based interface - Easy to use interface can be run on any computer with a broadband connection. No client installation is required.

One product built on the TUF Decisions framework is the Airport Emergency Response Operations Simulation (AEROS), an interactive tool for training and exercising airport command-level decision makers.

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