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  • The Pecos Research and Testing Center (PRTC) is the ideal location for a broad range of applied research and testing including:
    • Explosives – characterizations, effects and applications
    • Pavements Research – materials, surfacing, paint
    • Standard Vehicle testing – tires wear, fuel efficiency,
    • Specialty Vehicle Applications – blast resistance, barrier impact projectile,
    • Instrumentation – development and test support

    The 5,800-acre complex located in Pecos, Texas, features nine distinct test tracks, explosives test ranges, extensive instrumentation capabilities for dynamic testing, a full range of support facilities and available acreage for projects requiring either open land or custom facilities.

    From high-speed automotive and truck testing on its 9-mile banked circular track to controlled explosive tests, the PRTC facilities are available to support your needs.

    During its 45-year history, this facility has served as home to key research by legendary automakers from around the world, as well as serving for decades as the primary testing facility for the B.F. Goodrich Company.

    Today, the PRTC is operated by ARA to fulfill dynamic testing and evaluation needs for government, academic, and industry research sponsors.

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Pecos RTC Vehicle TestingVehicle and Pavement Testing

  • High-speed test track
  • El Camino road course
  • City course squares
  • Serpentine road
  • Skid pad
  • Lateral acceleration circles
  • Magic hill climb
  • Off-road courses

Explosives Test Capabilities - Pecos RTCExplosives Test Capabilities

  • 10,000 lbs explosive weigh test range capability
  • Explosives arena tests, ballistics, rocket test capabilities
  • Ability to test vehicle barriers, protective technologies with live VBIED
  • Large reaction structure for curtain wall, windows, door testing
  • Secure on-site explosive synthesis & storage
  • High-speed imaging of test events
  • High-speed pressure, acceleration, and displacement measurements
  • Atmospheric sounding and environmental monitoring
  • Sensors development and testing
  • Personal protective equipment evaluation and testing
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Pecos Full-Scale Research and Testing Facility
2085 C.R. 103
Pecos, TX 79772
Phone: (303) 795-8106
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