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ARA Introduces Mobile, Rapidly Deployable Surveillance System

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Scientists at Applied Research Associates, Inc. have developed and introduced the VIPSKIT, or VIP Security KIT, a portable, rapidly deployable security system for monitoring temporary facilities and vehicles. The mobile system uses wireless devices, eliminating installation complexity.

The system is composed of four major elements:

  • A suite of facility peripheral devices
  • A facility monitoring station
  • A vehicle detection system
  • A remote interface system (PDA, wireless networking)

Electronic tags, IED's and intrusions are just a few potential threats to temporary facilities and vehicles. VIPSKIT uses peripheral sensors and cameras, which communicate with a facility monitoring station that contains the system software, detection logic and user communication capabilities, for surveillance and tamper detection. The single-software interface allows for easy surveillance on screen and on a wireless handheld PDA.

"VIPSKIT is the only portable security system out there that integrates alerts and notifications with a security system and IP cameras," said Keith Becvar, Principal Computer Scientist at ARA.

The facility monitoring station receives information from the sensors and cameras of the system, combining wireless network technology with the capabilities of a facility security system. The monitoring station communicates with the user's handheld PDA, which accesses a Web site hosted by the monitoring station. The custom designed Web site provides the user access to system status, event logs, camera snapshots and recorded videos. The monitoring station also communicates with the user's cell phone/pager via a wireless AirCard alerting the necessary personnel of a potential threat. The monitoring station is equipped with a built-in cooling and backup system.

The vehicle detection system guards against possible tampering of the temporary vehicle through a suite of tremble sensors. The custom-designed VIPSKIT tremble sensor utilizes an RF contact sensor that relays the event notification to the monitoring station. The combination of a custom circuit board with the RF contact sensor allows the integration of the vehicle detection system with the facility peripheral devices and the alert system.

The VIPSKIT system is portable, housing all components in two-to-three rolling, carry-on pelican-type cases. The system is also rapidly deployable, allowing the user to set it up within 30 minutes. With the ease of setup, rapidly deployable capability and alert function that allows messages to be sent to nearly anywhere, from nearly anywhere, VIPSKIT is an advanced surveillance system that provides the user with a simple solution to a complex situation.