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ARA Engineer Develops Top-of-the-Line Intrusion Detection System

With the U.S. Air Force lacking capabilities for effective and affordable wide area intrusion detection, Applied Research Associates, Inc. engineer André Shipp developed the RAPID System. The Remote Automated Portable Intrusion Detection System provides the Air Force with a cost-effective, highly capable solution for wide area detection that can be easily towed or air transported.

Most major Air Force bases already have the ground-based radars needed to build a RAPID System, but until now there has been no funding, infrastructure or concept of operations to employ the equipment. Shipp's goal for the system was to create a portable trailer that could integrate the existing sensor equipment for intrusion detection and assessment in all weather conditions, day or night.

Within the RAPID System, Shipp and his team incorporated features Air Force personnel lacked in previous systems, such as alternative power sources, wireless communication capabilities, day/night all weather surveillance, simplified user interface and controls, and training. With the portability of the trailer system, Shipp and his team are able to demonstrate the system and all of its features to the Air Force, other military services and civilian agencies across the country.

RAPID provides effective and efficient protection of personnel and resources within a defined area. Although initially designed for the Air Force, RAPID can be used anywhere mobile, wide area detection and assessment is required. The universal radar mounting platform supports multiple sensor types capable of monitoring activity on areas such as military bases, airfields, ports, power plants, border crossings, detention facilities and other critical infrastructure.

The RAPID System provides all necessary infrastructure to provide 24-hour detection and surveillance, including self-contained power (batteries, solar and generator) with power management that allows for up to seven days of operation without manually refueling, command and control and wireless communication capabilities. The system provides 360 degree, automatic detection with user defined alarm zones. Detection ranges are determined by the class of radar and range from 10 to 42 meters. Assessment cameras are matched to radar capabilities. RAPID's auto-track feature autonomously pans the camera to the intruder detection angle. In addition, the entire RAPID System is customizable to the customer's specifications.

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