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ARA's Joe Smith Highlights Changes in Glazing Technology Security Measures

July 2012

Joe Smith, SEAS Sector Manager and ARA Vice President, was recently interviewed by PGC International to discuss changes in protective glazing technology in government projects over recent years. 

Of particular note, Joe discussed a new series of security criteria documents, which replaced the old Interagency Security Committee criteria, provided by the Department of Homeland Security. The four new documents were introduced from 2008 to 2010, and will eventually be replaced by one all-inclusive document.

As part of the new security criteria documents, new Facility Security Levels were implemented. The I through V levels replace the old A, B, C and D and Low, Medium, High designations. The new levels determine what, if any, precautions or blast performance measures need to be taken during the design of a specific facility.

As a result of these new requirements, window vendors will be required to work closely with qualified blast consultants and building designers to meet the specific requirements. Up front preliminary design and, in some cases, testing will now be more important than ever in order to ensure that all jobs are bid correctly.

More than ever, the importance of protecting our country and its citizens is the number one priority of any mitigation efforts. Testing and design are only parts of this ultimate goal, but in the end can contribute to the mitigation, or even prevention, of future attacks on our country.