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ARA Researcher Chases the Science Behind The Storm on TV, In Book

Beginning Oct. 18, Applied Research Associates, Inc. scientist and tornado chaser extraordinaire Tim Samaras will be featured on the Discovery Channel's hit series "Storm Chasers." Samaras, with the help of master storyteller Stefan Bechtel, has also released his first book about his life as a tornado chaser. With a combination of high adventure and hard science, Samaras challenges some of the deadliest tornadoes to produce captivating photographs straight from the twister's heart.

"Storm Chasers," which premieres on Sunday, Oct. 18, and airs for eight weeks, is an action-packed show documenting scientists and film makers who risk their lives to collect valuable tornado data and incredible imagery. Samaras captures incredible tornado footage and data by deploying probes into the tornado. In some cases, Samaras and his team are only hundreds of feet away from the tornadoes, able to hear the roars of the storm before deploying the probes.

Samaras' first book, "Tornado Hunter," documents his life as a tornado chaser. Bechtel shadowed Samaras and his team for two years, getting the ride of his life chasing tornadoes across the country. The book combines Samaras' passion for tornadoes, the science behind the storms and the decades of research and progress that has been made in predicting them.

"Storm Chasers" can be seen Sundays at 10 p.m. Eastern time through Nov. 29 on the Discovery Channel. "Tornado Hunter" (Random House Publishing hardcover, 272 pages) can be purchased for $24. Bechtel is the author of seven books, including "Roar of the Heavens," an hour-by-hour account of Hurricane Camille.