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Landmines meet their NEMESIS

ARA is working with the U.S. Army Humanitarian Demining Group of the Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD), Ft. Belvoir, VA, to develop Nemesis, a robotic system used to detect and neutralize landmines. Nemesis is an unmanned, rubber-tracked, vehicle-based system designed to eradicate both anti-tank and anti-personnel landmines. The system includes three primary components:

  • Versatile robotic platform with semi-autonomous navigation capability and mapping display feedback
  • Multi-sensor detection array integrating advanced electromagnetic induction (EMI) and ground penetrating synthetic aperture radar (GPSAR) arrays with real-time landmine recognition algorithms
  • Propellant torch (PT) neutralization designed to burn out the explosive contents of a landmine without a high order detonation.

ARA is helping the U.S. Army develop the Nemesis, an unmanned, vehicle-based system designed to eradicate landmines.

The Nemesis was featured in an article in the May issue of Unmanned Systems magazine, which is published by the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI). Download a copy of the article.
* Article permission courtesy of AUVSI and Unmanned Systems magazine.

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