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MobileRad© Radiation Detection Systems

Terrorists Beware

Applied Research Associates' MobileRad© is a mobile and flexible, highly-sensitive radiation detection system. It is part of the RadSentinel™ family of radiation sensors, which can be deployed in a variety of ways for protection against radiological and nuclear threats.



The mobile system is compact enough to fit in the trunk of a police car and is ideal for mobile detection scenarios including from an SUV, luggage screening at an airport, and in a traffic control cabinet. Wireless communication conveys information from the detector to the command center. MobileRad© can identify more than 20 radioisotopes and is sensitive enough to pick out a patient who has had recent radiation therapy. In addition, the MobileRad© detector is effective at highway speeds of 70mph.

The system has achieved unprecedented sensitivity and low false alarm rates. MobileRad© is precise enough to distinguish the radiation patient from a would-be bomber. The command center monitors the input from the mobile detector and analyzes the isotope spotted by the sensor. In the event of a dangerous radiation detection, the screen changes from green to red. The system uses GPS technology to pinpoint on a location map exactly where the isotope was detected.

Having already identified the type of radiation, and the suspect's position antiterrorism specialists can respond quickly and stop the vehicle for an inspection.


Police   System
Cases are shown inside the trunk of a Crown Victoria police car

Monitoring a public highway for a dirty-bomb test source during Marine Corps civilian exercise in North Carolina.