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The History Channel's Modern Marvels Series Featured ARA's Nighthawk

Three ARA scientists were featured along with the company's newest micro air vehicle, the Nighthawk.

Applied Research Associates' Nighthawk Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) was one of five aircraft featured on "Modern Marvels: Extreme Aircraft II", September 2007 on the History Channel.

The Nighthawk is the latest generation of MAVs developed and manufactured by ARA. It is a small, portable, inexpensive and instantly deployable unmanned aerial vehicle that, once launched, transmits images captured by onboard cameras and sensors back to an operator's ground station, providing real-time situational awareness and targeting information. It's currently being used on the battlefield as well as in homeland security and search and rescue operations.

"Extreme Aircraft II" featured segments on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and the supersonic B-1B Lancer, followed by a segment on MAVs, including the BATCAM (ARA's first MAV), the Nighthawk, and then a discussion of other MAV platforms, followed by a conceptual personal aerial vehicle, and ending with a story on a 747 converted to a firefighting tanker.

"We are excited to be a part of the Modern Marvels series and to be able to share information on the Nighthawk with its viewers," said ARA Nighthawk Program Manager Trent Shackelford. Shackelford appeared on the segment along with ARA's Director of El Paso Operations, Dr. Phil Macklin, and Nighthawk Principal Engineer Mark Denney.

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