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ARA Acquires Advanced Electromagnetics

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Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA) is pleased to announce the asset purchase of Advanced Electromagnetics (AE), a premier company in computational and applied electromagnetic analysis.

AE plays a leading role in the development of numerical methods for electromagnetics and applying them to challenging projects for the Department of Defense and other agencies. AE has designed and developed two major electromagnetic analysis tools: GEMACS (General Electromagnetic Model for the Analysis of Complex Systems) and the Computational Electromagnetic Modeling Framework.

"I see great potential and nearly limitless opportunity as we integrate AE's capabilities, products, and clientele into ARA's established business, as well as being able to grow the new electromagnetic capability with ARA's quality staff and management," said Dr. Edgar L. (Buddy) Coffey, who founded AE in 1985. "I see the availability of AE's electromagnetic capability as an asset that can be used across the company in many different business areas. It will bring more expertise to ARA's present customers and added capability to the company as a whole."

"ARA has worked with Buddy and AE for four years as we expanded ARA's electromagnetic capabilities in our North Chesapeake, MD, office," said ARA President Rob Sues. "Buddy's work with the Army Research Laboratory, Air Force Research Laboratory, Air Force SEEK EAGLE Office, and others boosts ARA's presence with those agencies, and it just made good sense to combine our efforts formally."