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Nanometrix Concludes A Technology License Agreement
With Applied Research Associates, Inc.

Montreal, Quebec. – July 26, 2009 – Nanometrix Inc. (''Nanometrix'') is pleased to announce that it has concluded a technology license agreement with Applied Research Associates, Inc. (''ARA''), a US-based research and engineering company recognized for providing innovative technical solutions to clients involved in National Defense, Aerospace and Homeland Security.

The Licence gives ARA the right to use Nanometrix's linear coating technology to develop future products and solutions for clients. For an annual licensing fee, Nanometrix will offer technical support to ARA for product development as well as development tools for future products and solutions embedding Nanometrix's linear coating technology. Nanometrix's linear coating technology has significant potential in nanoscale research and tool production. This technology enables an ultrathin (only microns thick) application of material to be coated on nearly any substrate.

"This is an important step for Nanometrix business development," said Schneider, founder and Vice President of Technology at Nanometrix. "This is part of our business plan to build strong relations with outside development partners to speed up the deployment of our innovative linear coating technology for the development of nano-engineered products and solutions. As such, the excellence and strong reputation of ARA in the development of highly technical products and solutions for their clients makes a perfect partner for Nanometrix. After testing and using our technology for different applications, this Licence agreement with ARA constitutes a strong endorsement of Nanometrix technology and commercial potential,'' added Schneider.  

"ARA is continuously looking for leading edge technologies offering solutions for our clients' challenging and complex problems in the defence and civil engineering sectors, just to name a few, and after extensive testing, it is apparent that Nanometrix's technology offers potential for the development of cost-effective products and solutions which current technologies do not allow," said Jim Shinn, VP of Geosciences and Automation at ARA. ''We have done extensive testing of Nanometrix's tools and processes for quite sometime now, so it was only natural for us have a stronger relationship with Nanometrix. We are finding increasingly more applications where Nanometrix's technology could play an important role in our product development pipeline," said Shinn.

Future applications are numerous including energy harvesting, batteries, Electromagnetic shielding and Displays, to name a few. In such cases, highly functionalized nanoparticles or polymers are deposited continuously, and in the most cost effective way by means of the Driven Monolayer Assembly Process and the Dynamic Surface Tension Process both developed at Nanometrix. These technologies will be applied to create new products and solutions in accordance to ARA's current customer needs and beyond.

About Nanometrix Inc.
Nanometrix has developed breakthrough technologies enabling the manufacturing of nano products for a wide range of applications, including the solar energy market, flat panels and flexible electronic products, the semiconductor industry and the Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) market. We are a provider of value-added products based on proprietary nano-manufacturing technologies. Our core expertise is linear coating, a new process enabling nano particles and molecules to be assembled to form a thin film or monolayer with unprecedented uniformity and thickness control, all to improve efficiencies and performance of existing products, tools and processes.  Current products that we commercialize are designed to address the solar energy market, a large and growing industry. More information about Nanometrix can be found on the Nanometrix site at

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