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ARA Develops the Image Processing Analysis for Weapon Detection System

The Central Florida Division of ARA has won a contract with the Technical Support Working Group (TSWG ) for development of the Image Processing Analysis for Weapon Detection (IPAWD) system. IPAWD will use super-resolution techniques to refine millimeter wave (MMW) images, then use target recognition technologies to automatically detect threats and alert security personnel.

Typical security checkpoint sensors locate threats using metal detection. By using MMW images, non-metal threats can also be found. These images will then be refined with the use of super-resolution. Super-resolution techniques can sharpen images that lack clarity and focus. These refined images will then be processed by target recognition software to find potential threats.

ARA will be leading a team of experts from the University of Central Florida, TREX Enterprises, and Penn State University. UCF will be providing expertise in super-resolution techniques. TREX and Penn State will provide MMW imagery for training and testing data.

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