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ARA's Support of Federal Highway Administration Helps States
Improve Transportation Infrastructure

January 2012

Since 2006, ARA has been the sole support contractor for the Highways for LIFE (HfL) program within the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).  The HfL program's mission is to advance longer-lasting highway infrastructure using innovations to accomplish fast, efficient construction and safe highways and bridges.  

The three overarching goals of HfL are to:

  • Improve safety during and after construction
  • Reduce congestion caused by construction
  • Improve the quality of the highway infrastructure

Highways for LIFE is focused on accelerating the adoption of market-ready and proven innovations in the highway community.  The legislation that created Highways for LIFE contains elements to create awareness, inform, educate, train, assist and entice state transportation departments and their staff to experiment with innovative solutions.  A key strategy of HfL is getting the word out on innovations and success stories that describe the benefits to the highway motorist, user and owner agency.  Under this contract, ARA provides the FHWA HfL program with project management support, producing technical reports, marketing plans, on-site support, production of communication tools such as videos and a bi-monthly program newsletter, conference planning and organization support.

ARA's relationship with FHWA and support of HfL has grown each year since the initial partnership.  In addition to HfL, ARA also supports the newly created Every Day Counts (EDC) initiative undertaken by the FHWA under the leadership of Administrator Victor Mendez and Deputy Administrator Greg Nadeau. Similar to HfL, EDC is designed to identify and deploy innovation aimed at shortening project delivery, enhancing the safety of our roadways, and protecting the environment. 

With the success of both of these programs, and as the initiative has grown, ARA has played a key role in advancing the program's overall mission and goals, providing engineering, marketing, training and technology transfer support.

The work under this contract is performed by the Transportation Infrastructure Division of the Transportation, Infrastructure, and Environmental Sector and the North Florida Division (Training Solutions Group) of the Gulf Coast Sector.  In addition to providing continued exceptional services and products to FHWA, ARA is looking to expand capabilities to effectively support implementation of the HfL program and EDC initiative, and to continue looking for new areas where we can support and grow the relationship.

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