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ARA and GEI Accelerate Advance Technologies for Fuel Cell

Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA) of Albuquerque, New Mexico and Global Energy Innovations, Inc. (GEI) of Flint, Michigan have received a two-year research and development contract (FA4819-09-C-0041) from the Air Force Research Laboratory, Airbase Technologies Division (AFRL/RXQ), for the development of next generation Catalytic Flat Plate multi-fuel reforming technology.

ARA will further the development of the flat plate reformer.  GEI will design, fabricate and test a multi-fuel 10kW high temperature PEM (HTPEM) fuel cell electric generator (GEI-MX10) auxiliary power system operating on military JP8.  The GEI-MX10 will incorporate the advanced flat plate fuel reforming technology developed by ARA integrated with GEI's patented HTPEM and control system.

These advanced technologies will accelerate ARA and GEI position as world leaders for compact high temperature PEM fuel cell electric power generators capable of using multi-fuels including  JP8, JP10, diesel, natural gas, propane, alcoholic fuels, biodiesel, and synthetic fuels.

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