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Virtual Heroes feature article in Game Developer Magazine

Game Developer Magazine

Takayoshi Sato of Virtual Heroes recently wrote a feature article for Game Developer Magazine for his work creating 3D game characters. He breaks down the important elements involved in creating an emotionally involved 3D character for both entertainment and serious games.

In the gaming world, Sato is a renowned art director known for his distinctive visual style and deep storytelling abilities. He has the ability to create characters that speak to the player in a memorable fashion. He is best known for his work on Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2, in which he developed all the characters.

"In the article, I'm telling the techniques of creating the emotionally involved character – to not just rely on technology, but to explore what the story and the characters are about," Sato said. "I wanted to encourage developers to explore the other side, the deep side, of the characters and stories so they can create a profound storytelling experience and character depiction."

Game Developer Magazine is a Gamasutra publication, written specifically for creators of entertainment software. The magazine provides industry information to over 35,000 professional game developers every month. All content is written by industry professionals, such as Sato.