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ARA to Demonstrate Physical Security Solutions
at Force Protection Equipment Demonstration VIII

May 17-19, 2011, Stafford, VA

Applied Research Associates will showcase our detection and surveillance products in booths at the eighth federally produced Force Protection Equipment Demonstration (FPED) VIII in Stafford, Va., on May 17-19, 2011.

Visit booth 23-G, Area 2 to see demonstrations of the Rapid™, Pointman, Nighthawk, and the NAVATA , and sign up to win the latest iPad 2.

The RAPID™ Advantage—Detection, Assessment, and Communications

Effective and efficient protection of personnel and resources within a defined area remains a critical objective for both civilian and military organizations. The RAPID™ mobile surveillance system is a cost-effective, highly capable solution for automatic wide area intrusion detection, surveillance and identification. The universal radar mounting platform supports multiple sensor types capable of monitoring activity on areas such as military bases, borders, airports, ports, nuclear power plants and critical infrastructure. Automatic, self-contained power with battery, solar, wind and diesel generator options. Supports high resolution motion video via secured, high bandwidth wireless communications.

Pointman - Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Pointman is a lightweight, compact, tactical robot that provides reconnaissance and surveillance of structures, facilities, and vehicles from a safe distance. Its self-righting and stair climbing capabilities allow it to be dropped through a window or tossed through a door to conduct recon activities on multistory structures. Its compact footprint is ideal for operating in confined spaces. The camera boom houses both daylight and low-light cameras. An integrated high-intensity headlight provides full-color capability when no ambient light is present. A video output jack on the controller provides streaming video to a customer-supplied video storage device or monitor.

Nighthawk Micro Air Vehicle (MAV)

Nighthawk is a hand launched MAV that uses GPS and autopilot technologies to navigate into unfriendly territories. With a range of more than 10km and flight time of more than 60 minutes, the 1.6lb Nighthawk system is the smallest, most capable ISR platform available today. The ground station incorporates PC-based GUI technology to provide real-time visual feedback and mode control. "Point & click" waypoint navigation makes operation extremely user friendly. Assisted flight control is accomplished with a small gamepad. Based on ARA's past experience in fielding man-portable UAV systems with the US military, the Nighthawk system offers unparalleled performance in a compact size.


Networked Advanced Vehicle Anti-Tamper & Alert (NAVATA)

ARA has developed a detect and alert system that is designed to protect a fleet of vehicles parked at a motor pool facility. Using wireless mesh networking, the NAVATA system provides quick alerts to the user via the custom-monitoring interface. Each vehicle is equipped with custom tremble sensors that are located in the wheel wells, undercarriage, and on the weapon systems.