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Applied Research Associates Conducts Proactive Cyber Security Outreach Conference with Business Leaders

Conference Features Cyber Security Best Practices from Department of Homeland Security
Cyber Test Bed Project

June 2012

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Congressman David Price
Congressman David Price
Mr. Carlos Kizzee
Mr. Carlos Kizzee
Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA) shared its cyber security expertise with an exclusive group of corporate executives who attended the Cyber Security for Executive Leadership: What Every CEO Should Know conference. The outreach conference was targeted to private industry and its specific security needs. The goals of the conference were to raise awareness on rapidly evolving cyber security dangers that threaten American businesses and innovations as well as share key lessons learned from ARA’s Cyber Test Bed Project.

Cyber Security: Critical for Our Country and Our Corporations

At the conference, CEOs learned how their businesses can incorporate cyber security best practices developed by ARA and tested through the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Cyber Test Bed Project.  The Cyber Test Bed Project is an important piece in the overall cyber security picture for the nation.

Holistic Methodology for Proactive Cyber Security

"Our project was specifically targeted to test a methodology to assist small and mid-size businesses in reducing cyber-risk," said Joan P.H. Myers, director of SOF & Cyber Technologies at ARA. "Our cyber test bed project demonstrated that, given actionable information on cyber threats and approaching cyber security in a holistic manner (i.e., personal security, physical security, cyber security, intellectual property protection and contingency planning), companies can significantly reduce risk. CEOs embracing cyber security is critical."

Cyber Security Experts

Leading cyber security experts who presented at the conference included: Charlotte Scheper, RTI International Cyber Test Bed Project Manager and director of the Cyber Security Program at RTI International; Joan P. H. Myers, ARA Cyber Test Bed Principal Investigator; Kemal O. Piskin, ARA Cyber Test Bed Project Manager; Congressman David Price; Carlos Kizzee with U.S. Department of Homeland Security; Theresa Payton, resident of Fortalice and former White House CIO; Chris Swecker, president of Swecker Enterprises; Scott O’Neal, director at Mandiant Corporation; Ed Petkovich, chairman of the Walsingham Group; Richard Bejtlich, Mandiant Chief Security Officer and Security Services Architect; and David Schanzer, director at the Triangle Center for Terrorism & Homeland Security.

The invitation-only event for corporate executives was held in Cary, N. C. on May 11, 2012, and was hosted by the Institute of Homeland Security Solutions, ARA and RTI International, and was sponsored by Wake County Economic Development.

About Applied Research Associates, Inc.

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