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ARA Presents Latest Results from Cyber Security Test Bed Project at UNC Cyber Security Symposium

November 2012

ARA Mobile Shock Tube
Cyber Security Test Bed Manager,
Kemal Piskin

ARA recently showcased its latest findings from the Cyber Security Test Bed project at the 13th Annual UNC Charlotte Cyber Security Symposium, hosted by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. ARA was invited to join the list of distinguished speakers, including several Fortune 500 companies, whose cyber security experts meet annually to discuss the latest issues and technologies for addressing the global cyber security threat, and to raise awareness among business managers, technology professionals, and government leaders.

ARA has played a key role in Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sponsored Cyber Security Test Bed project as the lead for test methodology development and system integration. Joan Myers served as an ARA's principal investigator on the Cyber Test Bed and is active UNC Charlotte College of Computing and Informatics board member. Kemal Piskin, the project manager for the Cyber Security Test Bed at ARA, presented a comprehensive review of project including the extensive data sets collected, the processes and methodologies developed, and the key lessons learned that will support and improve the development of cyber security technologies.

The Cyber Security Symposium is one of the premier cyber security conferences in the Southeast U.S. region and continues to attract cyber security experts from across the country. The symposium was open to the public and included a diverse group of attendees from companies representing the software services, information security, financial services and other business industries as well as UNCC faculty, staff and students. Presentation topics included Security Intelligence, Analytics, Web Application Security, Enterprise and Mobile Security, Cyber Threat Tactics and more. The symposium was sponsored by the Department of Software and Information Systems at UNCC, whose Information Assurance program has been designated by the National Security Agency (NSA) as a National Center of Academic Excellence (NCAE) in Information Assurance for the past five years. More information, including conference archives, can be viewed at the Charlotte Research Institute’s website. Click on the following link for the presentation file on Lessons from the DHS Cyber Test Bed Project.

For more information, contact Kemal Piskin at 919-582-3321.