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Virtual Heroes Division Combines Talents of VHG, CFD

October 2012

ARA, Inc. is excited to announce the merger of the Virtual Heroes Group and the Central Florida Division.

The new division is called the Virtual Heroes Division (VHD) and will have its headquarters in Raleigh with a satellite office in Orlando. The new VHD will remain part of the Software Systems & Modeling Sector.

Division Manager Randy Brown will lead the newly formed division and is eager to pursue collaborations throughout ARA. 

“We are currently working with Vertek to create virtual medical training content linked to a hardware syringe device they are fabricating, we are building a browser plug-in capable of running Unreal Engine immersive content for the Air Force with the North Florida Division, and working on the multimillion-dollar SIRIUS project with the Cognitive Solutions Division and the Southeast Division,” Randy says. “We want to grow our team and establish more partnerships across ARA.”

The combination of these offices offers the opportunity to continue creating immersive 3-D content and training capabilities which accelerate learning, increase user proficiency, and reduce training costs; produce virtual terrain content and multilayered terrain, terrain technology development, and real-time physics development; and support new and existing customers such as the U.S. Army, including the Orlando-based Army Simulation and Training Technology Center (STTC).

Creating VHD helps improve coordination across ARA divisions, making these partnerships stronger, and the synergy that now comprises VHD will be extremely beneficial to ARA’s customers. 

“We are now capable of marketing in a virtual world on the web 24/7/365 with multiplayer, immersive content in the Virtual Heroes Go Platform Demo,” explains Randy.  “This provides tremendous value to ARA to be able to showcase any completed work in an immersive 3-D environment and potentially help our customers recognize the benefits of virtual immersive training.”

In addition to reaching out to other divisions across ARA, Randy is hoping to broaden VHD’s scope in health care, working with Jerry Heneghan and the HumanSim brand along with exploring international opportunities in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, South Australia, and an active project for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna.

ARA acquired Virtual Heroes in 2009 and with that gained the HumanSim brand, a real-time digital physiology engine, and access to the Unreal Engine technology, developed by Epic Games. Virtual Heroes has been licensing the Unreal Engine for training and education development since its founding in 2004, and it became the sole government/serious games Unreal Engine license provider supporting Epic Games since 2011.