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ARA’s Training Solutions Group Launches Mobile App for the Air Force

January 2013

Disasters come in many forms such as explosions, hurricanes or tornadoes. They can be natural disasters, man-made events, or a mixture of both. Being prepared can reduce fear, anxiety, and losses that accompany these disasters.

ARA’s North Florida Division Training Solutions Super Group (TSSG) launched the first ever Air Force Emergency Management mobile app – AFEM “Be Ready” in support of Air Force’s Emergency Management Team. The app is a first in its genre, developed to enhance the collective knowledge of communities around the world. Specifically, by providing an overview of emergency preparedness to help families get started with designing customizable emergency plans to protect their loved ones during a disaster or time of emergency.

The Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC) partnered with ARA’s TSSG’s graphic designers, programmers and resident emergency managers to develop the “Be Ready” Android Smartphone/Tablet Application.

“Basic preparedness is essential and consists of knowing the threats most likely to affect you, keeping informed, developing or having access to emergency plans and checklists, pre-assembling an emergency supply kit, and taking appropriate actions such as evacuation or finding shelter,” said ARA project manager, Larry Hull.

FEMA and a couple of states offer a similar app; however, this product is targeted specifically and used primarily for Air Force military, civilians, contractors, and family members, although anyone will be able to download and use it. The “Be Ready” App includes information on basic preparedness activities along with relevant facts and actions a user can take before, during, and after 17 different natural and man-made disasters. With this single app, a user will have information to better prepare for, respond to, and recover from life-threatening events. While it also includes critical telephone numbers and web sites, users will also have the ability to add local or personalized information, as well as an option to customize a family emergency plan.

AFEM Tablet App

The Smartphone App is the latest product developed by ARA as part of the Air Force “Be Ready” Awareness Campaign. ARA has provided the creative strategy, communications and graphic support for this campaign to include an award-winning poster series, marketing products, and a comprehensive Air Force Emergency Management (AFEM) Preparedness Guide. The team is currently customizing the app for iPads/iPhones.