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ARA Conducts Security Engineering Risk Assessment of IBM Campus at Embassy Golf Links Business Park

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The threat environment in India has changed dramatically in recent years with frequent terrorism attacks across the country — most notably, the attacks on Nov. 26, 2008, in Mumbai. IBM's high profile presence as a major western information technology company, which Indian intelligence analysts have identified as a likely industry to be targeted in future attacks, has led the organization to evaluate the risks to its facilities from terrorist threats.

A security engineering risk assessment of IBM facilities in Bangalore, India was performed by Applied Research Associates, Inc. to evaluate and, if warranted, offer options to improve the security posture of the facility. The assessment analyzed the existing structures and security countermeasures, both physical and operational, to determine their effectiveness against potential terrorist tactics. Based on the analysis, ARA provided recommendations to improve the structural response to explosives and mitigate against armed assaults on the IBM campus.

ARA used the Security Risk Methodology, a threat-based process applied to individual facilities, for this project. Threats were limited to man-made events and threats to the facility were identified using the information gathered from personnel interviews and a site survey. Each threat received a rating for three risk factors: the nature of the threats, the potential impact of loss from a successful attack and the vulnerability of the facility to the threat.

The three ratings were then combined to determine a risk rating for each threat. Once the risk from each threat was determined, countermeasure recommendations were made to reduce the risk from each threat, if possible. Based on the recommendations, threat, impact and vulnerability ratings were adjusted as applicable. A revised risk rating was provided for each threat, assuming the security recommendations are implemented.