National Security

ARA is known for innovative solutions that detect and defeat
threats facing our homeland. Our in-depth knowledge of
physical and cognitive services, coupled with practical
operational awareness, provide improved intelligence gathering, information processing, decision support and protection systems.

  • Applied Cognition Applied Cognition Services include:
    • Decision-centered solutions
    • Unique problem solving capability
    • Quantitative and qualitative approaches
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  • Sensor Systems C4ISR Systems Services include:
    • Develop and implement individual sensors
    • Develop fully integrated sensor systems for security applications
    • Integrated solutions employ EO and IR cameras
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  • Chem/Bio Defense Chem/Bio Defense Services include:
    • Reliable methods for protecting individuals from chemical and biological hazards
    • Anti-microbial filters for masks, reactive clothing
    • Transport models that predict the dispersion of hazardous agents
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  • Bio-Surveillance Partially Observed Epidemics (DTRA)

    Chemical, Biological, Radioglogical and Nuclear (CBRN) Defense Services include:

    • Evacuation Modeling
    • Health Effects Modeling
    • Weapon Environment Prediction
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  • Decision Support Decision Support Services include:
    • Critical decision-centered solutions that improve interactions
    • Enhanced performance of those confronted with judgments and decisions
    • Established approaches incorporated in time-tested Cognitive Task Analysis methods
    • Unique technology to support and protect the warfighter.
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  • Security Risk Management Development & Application of Security Risk Management Process Services include:
    • Allows input & simultaneous GIS feeds/reference data
    • Incorporates latest regulations, standards, directives & laws
    • Database integration
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  • Disaster ManagementDisaster Management & Evacuation Planning Services include:
    • Comprehensive disaster management master plans
    • Emergency scenarios including explosions, fires, weather
    • Evacuation plans for complex and large facilities
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  • First Responder ToolsFirst Responder Tools include:
    • Interactive Google Maps to display evacuation areas
    • Google Search access within the applications to provide a one-button display
    • Google Search functionality to find and display imagery of address locations
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  • Forensic Analysis Forensic Analysis Services include:
    • Forensic analysis on accidents, crashes, and explosions
    • Multidisciplinary physical/chemical approach to develop realistic simulations
    • Highly complex events such as freight derailments with multiple tank cars
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  • Information & Intelligence Information & Intelligence Services include:
    • Support the intelligence community
    • Design operations centers
    • Optimize work flow and collaboration
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  • Manufacturing/Prototyping Manufacturing/Prototyping Services include:
    • Spiral development and life cycle management
    • Ongoing customer support
    • Interactive training programs for products
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  • Modeling & Simulation Modeling & Simulation Services include:
    • Develop mathematically rigorous solutions
    • Develop general-purpose simulations and focused decision support and simulation tools
    • Improve high-fidelity, first-principles simulation codes
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  • Natural Hazard Threat & Vulnerability Assessment Natural Hazard Threat & Vulnerability Assessment Services include:
    • Pioneered the development of advanced tools to assess the threat of physical damage
    • Integrate climatological models
    • Perform analyses and provide protective solutions for individual facilities
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  • Physical Security Physical & Electronic Security Design & Installation Services include:
    • Develop Security Perimeter Design Criteria
    • Facility Access Control & Intrusion Detection Systems
    • Coordinates with architects, structural engineers, site planners, etc.
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  • Probablistic Risk Assessment & Design Optimization Probablistic Risk Assessment & Design Optimization Services include:
    • Perform risk and loss estimation assessments
    • Develop mathematical optimization tools
    • Provide planners and designers with a probabilistic assessment
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  • Progressive Collapse & Blast Analysis Design Progressive Collapse & Blast Analysis Design Services include:
    • Develop progressive collapse resistant designs
    • Analyze the structural response of a building
    • Design, assess, analyze, model building structures and facades
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  • Robotics Robotics Services include:
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  • Systems Engineering & Integration Systems Engineering & Integration Services include:
    • Services for software and hardware development programs
    • Process based on standard DoD practice
    • Subject matter experts can identify key technology gaps and integration issues
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  • Test & Evaluation Test & Evaluation Services include:
    • Maintain an active large-scale explosive testing program
    • Testing program includes a full range of sub-scale to full-scale testing
    • Perform end-to-end services including design of the source
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  • Threat & Vulnerability Assessment Threat & Vulnerability Assessment Services include:
    • Developer of the Federal Security Risk Manager methodology and software
    • Perform detailed threat assessments considering likely attack scenarios
    • Research and analysis of threats and counter measures
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  • Training & Multimedia Training & Multimedia Services include:
    • Computer-based training
    • Web-based instruction
    • Instructor-led training and game-based learning
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  • Weapon Effects Weapon Effects Services include:
    • Develop models and software to simulate extreme environments
    • Model the physics of the weapon
    • Provide direct support services as well as software products
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  • Weapon Systems Weapon Systems Services include:
    • Improve advanced weapon system concepts and designs
    • Develop weapon systems with enhanced survivability
    • Develop advanced non-lethal and lethal concepts and designs
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ARA has more than 30 years of experience applying advanced technologies to solve challenging national security proble ms in weapons effects, protective design, C4ISR, and unmanned systems. ARA’s solutions reflect our in-depth understanding of the physical and cognitive sciences, concepts of operations, and our ability to integrate this expertise. Our solutions help to make the world a safer place.

ARA is nationally and internationally recognized for innovative solutions that detect, defeat and respond to threats facing our homeland and those who protect it.

We have played a major role in the development of new weapon systems for defeating high value targets. We are at the forefront of research aimed at mitigating WMD threats worldwide. We have helped ensure the safety and security of several hundred high profile government and commercial facilities, as well as many well-known national landmarks and icons.

Our C4ISR products have been used by warfighters to find and detect threats of insurgents, and to improve intelligence gathering, information processing and decision support. ARA teams are leading the development of new unmanned systems and payloads for critical missions such as reconnaissance, surveillance, IED defeat, unexploded ordnance and land-mine clearance.

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