Health Solutions

ARA pairs innovation with in-depth knowledge of physical,
chemical, physiological and biological processes to solve
complex problems. ARA has been at the forefront of research
into personal protection, traumatic brain injuries, and inhalation injuries, as well as chemical, biological and radiological effects.

  • Biotechnology Biotechnology Services include:
    • Bioaerosol research and inhalation modeling
    • Biosurveillance and diagnostics
    • Human physiology and health effects modeling
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  • Decision Support Decision Support & Human Factors Services include:
    • Forensic investigation of adverse events
    • Human-machine interface design
    • Cognitive aid development
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  • Food Safety Food Safety Services include:
    • Food inspection in storage, manufacturing, and processing facilities
    • Clinical diagnosis at hospitals, clinics, schools and field situations
    • Biological threat detection of contaminated surfaces and for forensic analysis
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  • Injury Biomechanics Injury Biomechanics Services include:
    • Test and evaluation using mechanical surrogates
    • Numerical modeling and simulation
    • Assessment of blast Injuries, blunt impact injuries and ballistic injuries
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  • Medical Modeling & Simulation Medical Modeling & Simulation Services include:
    • CBRN Human Response
    • Modeling Spread of Contagious Disease
    • Casualty and Patient Estimation
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  • Water Purification Water Purification Services include:
    • Ultrapure water and wastewater
    • Energy and directed-energy
    • Chemistry and green chemistry
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The medical community requires innovation to meet the needs of their customers in an increasingly cost-competitive environment. A data-based, individualized approach to medicine is essential to compensate for the additional pressures on the medical system. ARA can help patients, medical care providers and researchers with:

  • expertise integrating physics- and physiology-based modeling into innovative solutions
  • world leaders in cognitive task analysis, a technique for eliciting expertise so that it can be communicated and disseminated
  • state-of-the-art testing capability for evaluation of technologies designed to protect warfighters and first responders from blast, ballistic, and blunt impact environments
  • expertise integrating test capabilities with high fidelity numerical modeling to provide cost-effective, validated data and models
  • training technologies ranging from Instructional Study Design (ISD) to virtual reality simulations, PDA applications, physical mannequins and, via partnerships, live tissue training

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