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First Responder Support Tools
Ammonia standoff (iPad)
First Responder Support Tools
Hazmat standoff with roadblocks (Android)
First Responder Support Tools IED standoff with contours (PC)

ARA has taken its deep experience with CBRNE modeling and Emergency Management operations to provide simple yet powerful tools to assist first-responders with CBRNE response. Map-based evacuation standoff for hazardous material spills is shown in accordance with the 2012 Emergency Response Guidebook, which includes standoff for more than 3,000 chemicals. The application provides responder guides and access to weather data to determine downwind standoff. Additionally, bomb standoff is available for users that have an official need for the data.

Both the First Responder Support Tools (FiRST) and the legacy HazMat Evac tool provide the same functionality, which includes the ability to share incident data with FiRST Sharing Service accounts, which ensures all on-scene responders have the same information. Tools provided on mobile devices take advantage of capabilities on the devices, including:

  • Interactive maps to display evacuation areas and user input annotations
  • Search access within the applications to provide a one-button display of nearby schools, hospitals, government facilities, etc.
  • GPS to view current location relative to incident areas
  • Hazardous spill points-of-contact to call for reporting and guidance

FiRST is available on iTunes and Google Play. Find out more, including links to purchase FiRST and the FiRST Sharing Service, at  

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