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ARA develops advanced weapon system concepts and designs that expand performance ranges as well as leverage advanced technologies to increase targeting precision and on-board autonomy.

We develop weapon systems with enhanced survivability, penetration depth, range and explosive performance. We also develop advanced nonlethal and lethal concepts and designs that make weapon systems smarter and limit collateral damage. We integrate weapons and advanced robotic systems that can infiltrate denied sites and maximize the reach of our war fighters.

We use high fidelity physics-based modeling and simulation methods to perform weapons effectiveness evaluations to engineer these solutions and optimize effectiveness considering all system requirements. We also design and execute tests of new weapon systems for development as well as operational evaluations.


  • BLU-118 Bomb Development BLU-118 Bomb Development
    • Eliminate fuzewell failures
    • Minimize impact on logistics
    • Minimize qualification effort
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  • All-Purpose Remote Transport SystemAll-Purpose Remote Transport System
    • Range clearance
    • Force protection
    • Fire fighting
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  • Reactive Material Testing - Lethality TestingReactive Material Testing - Lethality Testing
    • Develop full potential of weapons
    • Increase effectiveness
    • Provide baseline target lethality data
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  • Projected Scalable Water JetProjected Scalable Water Jet
    • Both axisymmetric and linear or planar geometries
    • Novel working fluids as alternatives to water
    • Tools must be fully characterized
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  • Urban Damage and Airblast Technical SupportUrban Damage and Airblast Technical Support
    • Model projectile/thin-slab interactions
    • Analyze contacting detonation and breach
    • Partition embedded detonation and energy
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  • Support of AFRL/MNMF Fuzing ProgramSupport of AFRL/MNMF Fuzing Program
    • Provide support and resources for the fuzing program
    • Develop high fidelity, physics-based modeling and simulation methods
    • Perform weapons effectiveness evaluations
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