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Weapon Effects
Blast Effects Test Model

ARA develops models and software to simulate the extreme environments created by conventional blasts and chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons. We model the physics of the weapon, the environments created by the weapon, and the effect of these environments on humans and man-made objects. Man-made objects include fixed and mobile structures, military and commercial structures, and above-ground and buried structures.

We apply our full spectrum of CBRNE (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, explosives) effects expertise in trade studies, analysis of alternatives, weapon system design, operational planning, targeting, design of protective structures, design of protective equipment, and training simulators. We provide direct support services as well as software products enabling others to perform these analyses.


    • Rapid target characterization
    • Rich, high-fidelity environment definition
    • Fast-running weapons effects calculations
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  • Urban Damage and Airblast Technical SupportUrban Damage and Airblast Technical Support
    • Model projectile/thin-slab interactions
    • Analyze contacting detonation and breach
    • Partition embedded detonation and energy
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  • Simulation-based Design Expanded CapabilitiesSimulation-based Design Expanded Capabilities
    • Reduce risk of development
    • Enable rapid simulations
    • Provide safer designs
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  • Vulnerability/Lethality Center of ExcellenceVulnerability/Lethality Center of Excellence
    • Company-wide initiative to coordinate efforts in research, development, testing and maintenance
    • Target vulnerability analyses are performed to evaluate the susceptibility of targets
    • Provide modeling, simulation and statistical analysis
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