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Transportation System Security
Transportation Analysis

ARA transportation security services include:

  • full spectrum threat risk assessment
  • design of facility upgrades
  • design and deployment of integrated sensor systems for full spectrum threat alert
  • development of specialized sensors for detecting unconventional weapons of mass destruction, especially radiological and nuclear devices

ARA also has provided security services for thousands of facilities worldwide, including major airports and thoroughfares.

  • Blast & Security Consulting for Airports and Port Authorities Blast & Security Consulting for Airports and Port Authorities
    • Implement the complete blast analysis/design and threat assessment for major expansion for San Francisco International Airport facilities
    • Perform post-event analyses of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center
    • Execute blast assessment services for major airports since 1995
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  • Blast Analyses for the Federal Aviation Administration and U.S. Department of TransportationBlast Analyses for the FAA and U.S. Department of Transportation
    • Assist the DOT in the development of the FAA blast standard and the new FAA Security Risk Management Program
    • Develop criteria for the design of protective glazing systems
    • Facilitate the assessment and design development of FAA-owned and operated child care centers
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  • Detection of Nuclear/Radiation Threats on Transportation SystemsDetection of Nuclear/Radiation Threats on Transportation Systems
    • Sensors to detect, discriminate and tract fissile material transported over land, rail and water
    • Seamless wireless and wired communications network linking sensors suites to a single command and control display system
    • Develop and deploy a unconventional nuclear warfare defense system
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  • Risk AssessmentRisk Assessments
    • Perform risk assessments for government clients since 1979
    • Provide vulnerability assessments and comprehensive security planning
    • Utilize a risk assessment methodology
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