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ARA creates effective, high quality, state-of-the-art education and training products and services that meet client requirements, both government and commercial. Our professional staff has instructional design and management experience, including behavioral scientists to ensure our training programs effectively build skills through simulated “experiences” that have the feel of reality.

Our Recognition Training and Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA) methods shorten the time required for users to experience and become proficient at critical elements of the task or mission.

ARA’s in-house resources include full service, broadcast-quality multimedia pre-production, production and post-production facility with the capabilities to capture high-quality digital video, create computer-generated 2-D and 3-D graphics, edit nonlinear digital video and audio, and create master CD-ROMs and DVDs.


  • Zero HourZero Hour: America's Medic
    • Immersive Interactive 3D EMS Training
    • Treatment, Triage, & Incident Command Modalities
    • Chemical, Biologic, Explosive, & Earthquake Scenarios
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  • OPM FSRM Development and TrainingOPM FSRM Development and Training
    • Assist OPM in creating a customized security risk assessment tool
    • Develop a security survey and risk assessment methodology
    • Provide training for OPM users
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  • Command SenseCommand Sense
    • A new perspective on designing for human operators that accounts for the situation assessment
    • A focus on the process of sensemaking that supports understanding of situations in complex work environments
    • Methods for creating the cognitive case for design methods for incorporating cognitive challenges
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  • Firefighter TutorialFirefighter Forcible Entry Tutorial
    • Online Training demonstrating the different the difficulties breaking protective windows
    • Receive Certificate upon passing the test
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