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ARA provides a comprehensive suite of traffic monitoring services to help roadway agencies accurately collect, analyze, and report traffic count, classification, and weight information. ARA’s traffic monitoring services include consulting, research, technical support, installation quality assurance, software development, and training. Our strength is in providing traffic monitoring data quality improvement solutions. ARA’s unique approach to facilitating the needs of traffic data customers is based on applying quality assurance measures to all facets of traffic data collection and dissemination. ARA has in place the proven processes, methods, and expertise required to assist traffic monitoring and transportation planning agencies in the development of an extremely beneficial and cost-effective traffic data collection and reporting program. Our traffic monitoring services include:

  • Traffic monitoring site design and installation quality assurance
  • Traffic data program development services
  • Traffic data collection, QA, QC, and analysis services
  • Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) maintenance and calibration services
  • FHWA LTPP Task Order 13, Verification, Refinement, and Applicability of LTPP Classification Schemes ARA was awarded a multi-million dollar, five-year, multi-work order contract to:
    • Determine how well the LTPP classification scheme is performing across the country
    • Determine whether the LTPP classification scheme must accurately classify all vehicle types to be useful for pavement research
    • Recommend necessary changes to the LTPP classification scheme to make it universal
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  • National Park Service Traffic Monitoring ServicesARA’s work under this project included:
    • Preparation of traffic count plans
    • Planning and scheduling
    • Mobilizing to 33 designated National Parks
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  • Traffic Data Site Installation and Maintenance for the Georgia DOTARA began the process of upgrading the traffic data collection capabilities:
    • Perform maintenance on new and existing automatic traffic data collection sites
    • Expand the amount and quality of the traffic data available for managing their highway network
    • Installed over 300 permanent automatic vehicle classification
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  • VDOT Quality AssuranceARA coordinated with a construction contractor on this project to:
    • Ensure proper procedures were followed during the installation and repair of traffic monitoring equipment at the more than 300 locations throughout the state
    • Document all critical information pertaining to the installation of piezo sensors and inductive loops
    • Report and photograph the performance of all prescribed work for submittal to Virginia Department of Transportation
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  • NJDOTARA’s unique abilities with WIM equipment have been contracted to:
    • Perform semi-annual preventive maintenance and electronic testing for each permanent WIM site
    • Perform diagnostics, perform minor repairs, and make recommendations on major repairs to restore the WIM equipment to proper working order
    • Calibrate weigh-in-motion systems using ARA’s software tool, WIMCal, and report all calibration results to the New Jersey Department of Transportation
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  • MDSHAARA’s expertise in the calibration of WIM systems has been called upon to:
    • Respond to requests from Maryland State Highway Administration to calibrate weigh-in-motion systems at locations throughout the state
    • Provide statistical analysis of the information collected during the calibration process
    • Publish reports and present conclusions based on the in-depth analysis of all calibration data
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