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Threat and Vulnerability Assessment
Airport Traffic Control Towers

ARA's professionals have performed numerous threat and vulnerability assessments for the government and private industry. These assessments include analysis of:

  • Critical infrastructure and key resources
  • Physical security (perimeter etc.)
  • Natural hazards
  • CBRN threat
  • Blast hazards
  • Crime prevention through environmental design
  • Electronic security

ARA has developed state-of-the-art, nationally-renowned tools to aid in their vulnerability assessments. These include:
  • VAPO
  • AT-Assessor
  • Blast Analysis and Design Tools.


  • Vulnerability Assessment and Protection Option (VAPO) Vulnerability Assessment and Protection Option (VAPO)
    • Point-and-click facility and site modeling with copy, move, rotate, import/export capabilities and automatic generation of buildings from vector outlines
    • Vulnerability, damage, and Unified Facilities Criteria contours displayed in 2D and 3D
    • Modeling of threats including pipe bombs, vehicular bombs, mortars, airdropped weapons and user defined fragmenting and non-fragmenting devices
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  • Vulnerability Analysis SupportVulnerability Analysis Support
    • Assess damage resulting from the impact of an aircraft and/or aircraft components against a selected target
    • Perform a blast effects study to determine the response of above and below ground structures
    • Document the model input and analysis results
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  • Security/Blast Consulting for NIH BuildingSecurity/Blast Consulting for NIH Building
    • Blast design consulting
    • Risk assessment
    • Perform a design review on electronic and physical security systems
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  • Ballistic Gear EvaluationBallistic Gear Evaluation
    • Reliable and safe protection
    • Time sensitive requirements on tactical ballistic personnel and equipment be evaluated in a blast environment
    • Test and evaluate the protection level
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  • Smart GlassSmart Glass
    • Accurate
    • Sensitive
    • Protects the warfighter from sniper threat
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  • Sense and Report Vehicle Anti-Tamper (SERVANT) SystemSense and Report Vehicle Anti-Tamper (SERVANT) System
    • Effective
    • Reliable
    • Adaptable
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  • Denver International Airport Blast VA, Glazing, Security AnalysesDenver International Airport Blast VA, Glazing, Security Analyses
    • Consult on blast analysis and assessment
    • Specialized expertise in modeling and simulation
    • Develop a system to detect explosives aboard aircrafts
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  • Characterization of Terrorist Explosive Devices Based on
Home-made ExplosiveCharacterization of Terrorist Explosive Devices Based on Home-made Explosive
    • Develop safe ingredient mixing and handling procedures
    • Provide a thorough characterization of the handling, detonation and blast effects of HME devices for open air
    • Establish safe handling procedures for large bomb configurations
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  • Reactive Material Testing - Lethality TestingRadiological and Nuclear Countermeasure System Architectures Analysis - RNCSAA
    • Develop scenarios for illicit nuclear weapon movement with General Aviation
    • Observe gap analysis of existing safeguards
    • Develop and refine options to resolve gaps
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  • Radiation Dose Assessment SupportRadiation Dose Assessment Support
    • Perform dose reconstructions and develop radiation dose assessments
    • Conduct historical research and develop scenarios of participation and radiation exposure
    • Provide project management and quality assurance
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