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Systems Engineering and Integration
Wired and Wireless Surveillance and Security Systems

ARA provides system engineering and integration services for software and hardware development programs as well as research and development programs.

Our systems engineering process is based on standard Department of Defense practice, but makes extensive use of value-based modeling methods, physics-based analysis, and modeling and simulation.

Our analytical tools and in-house subject matter expertise can identify key technology gaps and integration issues far upstream.

We have the technical expertise to design detailed specifications that will meet requirements as well as define scientific, engineering, and test programs to fill technology gaps.

We apply our methods to individual systems and systems of systems at the project and agency level. We perform Analyses of Alternatives (AoA) Studies, Modeling and Simulation, Operations Research and Program Management Support.


  • BLU-118 Bomb Development BLU-118 Bomb Development
    • Eliminate fuzewell failures
    • Minimize impact on logistics
    • Minimize qualification effort
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  • DOT Security ConsultingDOT Security Consulting
    • Security systems consulting support
    • Design review of the building shell build-out for security related issues
    • Installation of security systems
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  • Andrews AFB Integrated Base Defense Security SystemAndrews AFB Integrated Base Defense Security System
    • Early detection of threats approaching the flight line perimeter
    • Geo-spatial location and tracking of threats
    • Situation awareness picture distributed to emergency responders/base commander
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  • Find, Characterize, Assess (FCA) Technical SupportFind, Characterize, Assess (FCA) Technical Support
    • Identify technologies that support the warfighter and intelligence community
    • Characterize and assess hard and deeply buried targets
    • Define systems (sensors, signal and data processing information fusion tools) that support the warfighter
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  • CRUX CRREL SupportCRUX CRREL Support
    • Work with partner organizations to ensure compatibility of technologies
    • Resolve technical, scheduling and programmatic issues
    • Perform overall systems engineering
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  • CTH SupportComposite Aeroshell Technology Program
    • Provide ablator materials for CO’s adhesive bonding process development and testing
    • Provide coupons of silica-phenolic honeycomb and ablator coupons
    • Develop advanced structural composite systems
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  • Biological Combat Assessment System Advanced Technology Demonstration CA-UAV SystemBiological Combat Assessment System Advanced Technology Demonstration CA-UAV System
    • Design a project plan to assist the program
    • Demonstrate a system with the capability to locate, identify and safely return bacteria, viruses and toxins released during WMD counterforces strikes for post-mission analysis
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  • SHared Architecture for Dynamic Environment (SHADE)SHared Architecture for Dynamic Environment (SHADE)
    • Extensible dynamic environment capabilities
    • Support for environmental changes across multiple domains
    • Independently developed
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