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Structural Mitigation Strategies
Window Retrofit Assessments

ARA develops strategies for renovation and retrofit of existing buildings and designs new structures to resist potential terrorist attacks. We also develop new innovative protective methods and perform testing of protection products.

Our designs consider the full spectrum of blast, chemical, biological, and radiological threats. We develop mitigation strategies for military and civilian facilities including military bases, federal buildings (offices, courthouses, embassies, etc.), airports, and industrial facilities. Our mitigation strategies are designed to minimize facility damage and maximize occupant safety.

  • Window Retrofit Assessments Window Retrofit Assessments
    • Assess the protection performance of the exterior window systems at designated EPA facilities
    • Evaluate hazard/risk reduction measures, if required, to reduce potential hazards due to flying glass fragments at EPA facilities
    • Develop statements of work to install appropriate countermeasures to mitigate window risks and vulnerabilities
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  • Bridge Sheath Fracture AnalysisBridge Sheath Fracture Analysis
    • Assist in testing the tubing for efficiency, reliability and safety
    • Evaluate the fracture problem and provide support in the fracture analysis effort
    • Project tasks include metallography and fractography to evaluate the weld geometry and flaws
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  • Mitigation of Two-story Single Family ResidenceMitigation of Two-story Single Family Residence
    • Develop improved wind load models using existing one- and two-story wind tunnel data
    • Develop loss relativities for use in the state of Florida for wind mitigation credits
    • Produce improved construction guidelines for two-story houses
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