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The foundation of infrastructure projects rests upon the engineering skill of the solutions and how efficiently those solutions are implemented. ARA is able to leverage specialized software tools from across its entire range of business areas to make your infrastructure project easier to complete, more organized, and budget-friendly.

Pavement engineering and construction quality assurance are focal points of ARA’s software efforts, and we also have industry-leading software to assist in traffic monitoring. Our renowned infrastructure expertise, along with a long history of project management, software development, and data analysis, make ARA a leader in specialized infrastructure support software.


  • RoadCare (Roadway Asset Management) ARA’s RoadCare is a state-of-the-art data access, integration, and modeling system that helps:
    • Manage roadway infrastructure
    • Incorporates the latest in database technologies
    • Allows access data from many sources
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  • Transportation Asset Management SystemARA offers an easy-to-use TAMS tool that:
    • Manages assets more cost-effectively
    • Develops an approach for and facilitates the implementation
    • Uses a coordinated process for developing transportation
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  • Construction QA/QC Document Management SystemPlans and processes developed include:
    • Contractors may enter Submittal Reviews
    • Quality Assurance Inspection and Testing
    • Development and implementation of a Material Analysis System specifically for Entry, Storage, and Reporting of Construction Material Quality Information
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  • Materials Inspection Reporting System The benefits of the MIRS include:
    • Real time test reporting and inspection results
    • Web-based system for easy access
    • Password protected, with access granted as needed to agencies, contractors, and suppliers
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  • ISLAB (Concrete Pavement Finite Element Analysis) ISLAB is a finite element modeling program used when evaluating concrete and pavement problems:
    • Partially bonded pavement layers
    • Mismatched joints in pavement
    • Nonlinear temperature distribution and its effects on layers
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  • Deflexus Deflexus features include:
    • Filtering of data sets and outputs
    • Quality control checks of falling weight deflectometer (FWD) data
    • Normalization of deflections to load
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