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ARA has developed and applied security risk management methodologies for numerous organizations. Our methodologies are user-friendly and customized to meet the specific needs of the client organization. ARA's security professionals work closely with the client to understand the requirements of the end user. ARA meets with the client personnel to utilize appropriate portions of accepted security risk management methodologies to develop a specific security risk management methodology appropriate for the client. ARA has developed several customized versions of Security Risk Management software such as:

  • FSR-Manager
  • DMPlanner
  • EMPlanner
  • DMPlannerDMPlanner
    • Contains instructions for critical asset protection, disaster preparedness, response and recovery.
    • Provides maps and plan drawings of critical asset, utility and hazardous material locations. Evaluates exercises/drills and provides feedback.
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  • EMPlanner


    • Software tool
    • Describe roles and responsibilities for local and state officials and private enterprise owners
    • List Emergency Support Functions
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  • FSR-ManagerFSR-Manager
    • Identify threats, evaluate impact of loss (consequences) to assets
    • Identify existing countermeasures and access adequacy to determine vulnerabilities
    • Input facility background information, including graphics
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