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ARA provides technologies and services to enhance the key stages in the roadway infrastructure life cycle of — planning, design, construction, maintenance/management, and rehabilitation. Our roadway infrastructure services include:

  • Asset management (needs analysis, system implementation)
  • Pavement management
  • Pavement evaluation and design
  • Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide (MEPDG)/AASHTO Pavement ME Design Implementation
  • Nondestructive pavement testing
  • Vehicle-based data collection
  • Life cycle cost analysis
  • Maintenance quality assurance (including computerized maintenance management systems)
  • Construction quality assurance


  • ATLas Our ATLas Team offers:
    • 70,000 square foot ISO Certified manufacturing facility
    • Platforms custom built for weight capacities, budgets, and site constraints
    • Multiple options, such as portability, braking, automated testing
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  • Comprehensive Pavement Engineering Support to the Illinois Tollway The data is collected and distress surveys are completed in accordance with the Condition Rating Survey (CRS) methodology to include:
    • Pavement Management System Implementation and Update
    • Network-Level Pavement Structural Evaluation
    • Project-Level Evaluation Services
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  • Rolling Wheel Deflectometer Development and ImplementationThe benefits of using the RWD as part of network-level pavement management include:
    • Measures pavement deflection applied by an actual, moving semi-trailer wheel load
    • Records a continuous deflection profile
    • Operates at normal highway speeds
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  • Marcellus Shale Support for PennDOTARA has played a significant role on this project by providing on-call continuous support:
    • Prediction of long-term pavement damage costs
    • Development of procedures to quantify pavement damage associated with gas well traffic
    • Procedures to allocate repair costs when multiple bonded users share the same road
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  • Wind Farm Development Support Our comprehensive services in this area include:
    • Working with wind farm developers and analyzing the component shipping manifests
    • Understanding the current condition of a pavement and the loads imposed during wind farm construction
    • ARA can help developers minimize infrastructure rehabilitation budgets by optimizing the haul routes to various locations
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  • Multi-Year Pavement Management Services for the Maryland State Highway Administration ARA has a designated on-site representative to work closely with the MDSHA Pavement Management Group:
    • All aspects of the pavement management process
    • Provide additional capabilities for optimization in project selection
    • Incorporate additional considerations and value assessments
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  • Multi-Year Pavement Management Services for Champaign County, Illinois ARA implemented a comprehensive pavement management system:
    • This system consisted of ARA’s RoadCare software and condition assessment data
    • The results of this implementation provided thecounty with software and data
    • The means to generate long-term pavement maintenance and rehabilitation plans
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  • Pavement Management and Design Services for the Washington, DC, Department of Transportation ARA has been working with DDOT since 2001:
    • Providing an objective evaluation of their pavement network
    • Implementing a new pavement management system
    • Transportation asset inventories
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  • MEPDG Implementation for the Colorado Department of Transportationt The Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide is software:
    • Developed by ARA
    • To improve the design and performance of roadway pavements
    • Developed ROM costs for glazing upgrades
    • This required them to conduct an in-depth study
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