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ARA’s transportation research and technology deployment expertise spans many technical areas, including:

  • Airport safety
  • Highway safety
  • Pavement and materials engineering
  • Quality management
  • Highway maintenance
  • Life cycle costs analysis
  • Infrastructure management
  • Human factors and human systems integration
  • Firefighting and rescue systems
  • Vehicle crashworthiness
ARA is committed to performing practical research and implementing technologies that result in products and methodologies to help practicing engineers solve real-world challenges.


  • MEPDG Development and Implementation To improve the design and performance of roadway pavements:
    • Developed the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide (MEPDG) and the DARWin-ME software
    • Employ mechanistic-empirical approaches that promote accurate characterization of pavement structures
    • Provide uniform guidelines for designing flexible, rigid, and composite pavements
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  • Highways for LIFE/EDC Technology DeploymentARA has been the sole support contractor for the Highways for LIFE (HfL) program for the Federal Highway Administration to:
    • Improve safety during and after construction
    • Reduce congestion caused by construction
    • Improve the quality of the highway infrastructure
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  • ACRP 04-05: A Guidebook for Airport Safety Management SystemsARA was the prime contractor on this study for the Airport Cooperative Research Program:
    • Develop a guidebook for airport safety management systems
    • Helps 14 CFR Part 139 certificated airport
    • Help them reach the next level in the aviation industry
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  • ACRP 04-08: Improved Models for Risk Assessment of Runway Safety Areas ARA served as the prime contractor on the Airport Cooperative Research Program study:
    • To improve and validate models
    • To develop software for analyzing runway safety areas
    • To support airfield planning and risk management actions for runway safety areas (RSAs)
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  • FAA Human Factors The scope of work for this project includes:
    • Designing, developing, and evaluating support for systems and subsystems
    • Improving human factors design, development, and evaluation capabilities
    • Program management support
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