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Physical & Electronic Security Design & Installation
Closed circuit television system

ARA develops security perimeter design criteria and works with client security personnel to develop solutions for the building envelope and entrances, site perimeter, fencing and barrier systems. ARA provides barrier system designs to protect the perimeter of a facility with a variety of barrier types to address specific situations. ARA engineers have developed crash-rated, shallow-mount barriers capable of installation over existing buried utilities to limit renovation scope and expense.

ARA’s staff is experienced in providing the best value systems and refrain from over-engineering in excess of client needs. ARA evaluates avenues of approach to determine achievable vehicle speeds. ARA evaluates previously tested barrier systems to determine potential performance given specific site conditions. ARA will also work with the design team to perform barrier tests. Training for Physical Security is also available.

ARA provides the following electronic security and installation services:

  • Facility access control and intrusion detection and alarm systems
  • Closed circuit television and intercom systems for the building interiors, building exteriors and perimeter locations
  • Emergency assistance stations for the parking lot areas
  • Coordinate with physical locking mechanisms

ARA’s security professionals review pertinent information available at the pre-concept stage to coordinate applicable security design requirements. ARA coordinates with architects, structural engineers, site planners, fabricators and vendors, as we generally work closely with them in integrating electronic security requirements into the design. This early coordination is critical for providing seamless integration. ARA works closely with the client to determine location of special usage areas and operational policies that are relevant to the design of the electronic security. The concept design includes drawings in AutoCAD 2005 format or later, outline specifications, and equipment documentation. Training for Electronic Security efforts are also available as requested.

  • Social Security Administration Security

    Social Security Administration Security Program Assessment

    • Reviewed specific areas of SSA’s security program
    • Conducted physical assessments of separate facilities
    • Determined adequacy of existing security resources
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  • SmithsonianSecurity Support for the Smithsonian Institution
    • Reorganized components of the SI Office of Protection Services (OPS).
    • Performed security risk assessments.
    • Conducted a mall-wide perimeter security analysis.
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  • Security/Blast Consulting for NIH BuildingSecurity Assessments for National Institutes of Health (NIH) Facilities
    • Blast design consulting
    • Risk assessment
    • Perform a design review on electronic and physical security systems
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  • Perimeter BarrierPerimeter Barrier Analytical Simulations
    • Videos showing a variety of different perimeter barrier tests
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