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As defined by the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), operations research is the professional discipline that deals with the application of scientific methods to decision-making, especially to the allocation of human and material resources.

Much of this work involves analytical and numerical techniques such as experimental design, advanced statistical analysis, regression analysis, multi-attribute decision analysis, and linear/nonlinear programming to develop and manipulate mathematical and computer models of organizational systems composed of people, machines, and procedures.

Operations research draws upon ideas from engineering, management, mathematics, and psychology and requires a combination of skills and experience in the fields of applied mathematics, computer science, economics, industrial engineering and systems engineering.

  • MATREX Weather Study MATREX Weather Study
    • Assess of the architectural impact of integrating weather effects
    • Analyze MATREX components and how they can be affected by weather
    • Evaluate current weather models
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  • Multi-cell & Dismounted Command and Control (M&DC2)Multi-cell & Dismounted Command and Control (M&DC2)
    • Focus on a “net-centric” battle command system of the future
    • Design to model multi-echelon, knowledge-based, combined arms, command and control
    • Measure the effectiveness of integrated battle command functions
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  • Real-Time Adversarial Intelligence & Decision-making (RAID)Real-Time Adversarial Intelligence & Decision-making (RAID)
    • Automated tools that allow small unit commanders to perform predictive analysis
    • Tested on a simulated urban battlefield
    • Generate a prediction of the full enemy laydown, looking up to two hours into the future
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