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Natural Hazard Threat and Vulnerability Assessment
Software tool used to assess the damage produced by severe windstorms.

ARA has pioneered the development of advanced tools to assess the threat of physical damage and economic loss produced by severe windstorms such as hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, extra-tropical cyclones, and related hazards (such as storm surge, waves, and coastal flooding). Our physics-based approach integrates climatological models, local conditions, structure response and debris translation.

We perform analyses and provide protective solutions for individual facilities as well as entire portfolios. Facility evaluations range from private homes to commercial buildings, from power plants to large industrial complexes.

ARA performs wind certification inspections of houses and buildings that qualify many home and building owners for insurance discounts.


  • Atmospheric Instrumentation Research Atmospheric Instrumentation Research
    • State-of-the-art technology
    • Simple, quick deployment
    • High levels of accuracy
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  • Kewaunee Plant Tornado MissilesKewaunee Plant Tornado Missiles
    • Conduct tornado threat and vulnerability assessments
    • Minimize potential damage to nuclear power plant vents
    • Model tornado climatology and estimate the damage mechanisms to the vents
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  • HAZUS-MH Model DevelopmentHAZUS-MH Model Development
    • Continue storm surge modeling
    • Develop rapid loss estimate uncertainties and improve reporting
    • Account for the effects of storm duration
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  • Florida Coastal Monitoring Project 2005Florida Coastal Monitoring Project 2005
    • Support continuous project work
    • Select and retrofit up to three homes for the hurricane wind research project
    • Upgrade existing retrofitted homes as needed to assure continued participation in FCMP
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  • IBHS Hurricane Katrina Storm Surge and Wind Speed EstimatesIBHS Hurricane Katrina Storm Surge and Wind Speed Estimates
    • Use HURSURGE and HURWIND computer models to produce results
    • Create maps of inundated areas, maps of wind speeds and maps of wave heights over the flooded portion of the coast
    • Produce time series of wind speeds, wave heights and flood depths at a number of locations to aid in the determination of the sequence of wind vs. flood damage
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  • CTH SupportCTH Support
    • Assess damage resulting from the impact of an aircraft and/or aircraft components against a selected target
    • Perform a blast effects study to determine the response of above and below ground structures
    • Develop model input for CTH, PRONTO and Zapotec
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