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Modeling & Simulation
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Modeling and Simulation (M&S) is one of ARA's core competencies. This focus includes:
  • First Principles Simulation
  • M&S for Decision Support
  • M&S Support Technologies
  • M&S Applications
Our M&S capabilities include developing mathematically rigorous solutions that satisfy fundamental principles of mass, momentum, and energy conservation, fast-running engineering-level and empirically-derived models, and hardware-in-the-loop systems. We develop general-purpose simulations and focused decision support and simulation tools used in theater and in operational support cells. We complement our custom M&S with an expansive suite of GOTS and COTS capabilities that we apply to a broad range of problems.
    • Used throughout the Warfighter, Intelligence and Analyst communities
    • Provide a planning and assessment tool
    • Plays a significant role in real world uses, such as Operation IRAQI FREEDOM
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  • BLU-118 Bomb DevelopmentBLU-118 Bomb Development
    • Develop custom analytical tools to assess the increased effectiveness of the explosive warhead fill
    • Reduce risk through the use of our three dimensional hydrocode (SHAMRC)
    • Improve capabilities to defeat enemies seeking refuge in tunnels
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  • FATEPENFATEPEN - Improvement, Validation, and Support
    • Support the JTCG/ME Penetration Equations Panel
    • Support for the Methodology Review Committee charged with accreditation of FATEPEN for small fragments
    • FATEPEN configuration management
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  • Ballistic Missile PerformanceBallistic Missile Performance Evaluation Tool
    • Increase effectiveness
    • Enhance capability
    • Incorporate sensor modeling and automatic target recognition
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  • Simulation-based Design Expanded CapabilitiesSimulation-based Design Expanded Capabilities
    • Reduce risk of development
    • Enable rapid simulations
    • Provide safer designs
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  • Performance Extension Advanced Ablator FamiliesPerformance Extension Advanced Ablator Families
    • Develop a subscale demonstration unit
    • Run solar radiation tests of candidate ablators to evaluate and rank performance
    • Generate and test TPS materials for Mars missions
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  • Endgame FrameworkEndgame Framework
    • Functionality common across Vulnerability/Lethality (V/L) domains
    • An API that links customized behavior with the core behaviors
    • A graphics engine powered by GEOMIS
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  • Real-time Physics Effects Library (RPEL)Real-time Physics Effects Library (RPEL)
    • Support Army training and mission rehearsal by modeling human casualties
    • Modify the vehicle geometry and texture, cut holes in the vehicle skin and add burn textures to indicate damage from the fragments
    • Model the effects of a munitions blast against a building
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  • Integrating Concepts Evaluation Tool (ICET)Integrating Concepts Evaluation Tool (ICET)
    • A suite of plug-and-play models in the FLAMES architecture
    • Evaluate new advanced weapon systems and technologies under development
    • Analyze technology requirements, CONOPS and military worth in a system-of-systems (SOS) environment
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  • Modular Effectiveness /Vulnerability Assessments (MEVA)Modular Effectiveness /Vulnerability Assessments (MEVA)
    • Target response and damage blast
    • Fragmentation collapse
    • Cumulative damage
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  • Urban Damage and Airblast Technical Support Urban Damage and Airblast Technical Support
    • Model projectile/thin-slab interactions
    • Analyze contacting detonation and breach
    • Partition embedded detonation and energy
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  • VAPOVulnerability Assessment and Protection Option (VAPO)
    • Point-and-click facility and site modeling with copy, move, rotate, import/export capabilities
    • Vulnerability, damage and unified facilities criteria contours displayed in 2D and 3D
    • Modeling of threats including pipe bombs, vehicular bombs, mortars, airdropped weapons
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  • E-SIM Event Simulator E-SIM Event Simulator
    • Custom sky and ground graphics
    • Fully explore the environment and structure(s)
    • First person controls for ease of movement
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  • SHared Architecture for Dynamic Environment (SHADE)Shared Architecture for Dynamic Environment (SHADE)
    • Extensible dynamic environment capabilities
    • Support for environment changes across multiple domains
    • Independently developed
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