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Medical Modeling

ARA is a leader in modeling the effects of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) environments on the human body. A well founded procedure for casualty estimation is a critical capability for CBRN modeling and simulation. Equally critical for CBRN consequence management is a capability for planning medical care for CBRN patients. ARA researchers play a central role in the developing such capabilities.

  • CBRN Human Response
  • Modeling Spread of Contagious Disease
  • Casualty and Patient Estimation
  • Medical Resource Requirements
  • CBRN-Related Health Surveillance
  • Aerosol Inhalation Mechanics
  • Nanotoxicology
  • Human Factors in Networked Sensor Systems
  • Radiological Environment Modeling
  • Nuclear Weapon Environment Modeling
  • Radiation Transport Modeling
  • Bioagent Threat Analysis
  • CBRN Data Modeling
  • Software and Systems Development
  • Game-Based Training
  • Human Physiology Modeling and Simulation
  • HumanSim Anesthesia HumanSim Anesthesia
    • Real-Time Digital Physiology
    • Multiple Patient Profiles
    • Accurate Drug Interactions
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  • 3DiTeams 3DiTeams
    • Immersive 3D Medical Team Training
    • Team Coordination & Communication Scenarios
    • Real-time TeamSTEPPS Training Evaluation
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  • Biological Combat Assessment System Advanced Technology Demonstration CA-UAV System Biological Combat Assessment System Advanced Technology Demonstration CA-UAV System
    • Eliminating human exposure to biological warfare
    • Automating the collection of bacteria, viruses and toxins
    • Enabling rapid analysis of the collected compounds
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  • Biogears Logo BioGears Engine
    • Accurate integrated physiology models
    • Open source code base
    • Powers immersive medical training technology
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