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Manufacturing and Prototyping
ARA-Developed Road Monitoring Equipment

ARA designs, develops, fabricates and tests a variety of systems, including robotic equipment, pavement and geotechnical equipment. ARA's manufacturing programs include spiral development and life- cycle management, strict quality control, ongoing customer support, and interactive training programs for our products.

We operate two primary manufacturing locations with a 67,000- square-foot facility and 57 acres that provide additional land to fabricate and test prototypes. ARA's facilities possess the security, equipment, tooling for production, testing, evaluation and spiral developments to support production surge needs. 

ARA can rapidly produce prototypes, fabricate and modify components according to environmental or application-specific factors. This immediate access gives us the ability to rapidly turn around products.

  • All-Purpose Remote Transport System All-Purpose Remote Transport System (ARTS)
    • Provide engineering and technical support to the ARTS design
    • Develop and fabricate the ARTS
    • Manufacture and distribute ARTS worldwide, including deployment in direct support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM
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  • MCRSMCRS Robotic Platform and Upgrades
    • Provide the software and hardware to outfit vehicles with the necessary equipment for remote controlled operation
    • Fully customizable for monitoring and controlling different vehicles
    • Provides teleoperated control of vehicle motion
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