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Satellite Relaying Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Data

ARA supports the intelligence community with analysis, target models and tools.

As part of this effort, ARA conducted research to:

  • Model process and operational flows
  • Analyze processes and systems under varying conditions
  • Validate models against engineering characterizations
  • Provide site characterizations to support target analysis

We also design operations centers to optimize work flow and collaboration among analysts and decision-making processes.

The tools we provide fuse multi-source intelligence to develop realistic models of human activity as well as physical targets.

  • JIOC X Requirements JIOC Requirements
    • Create methodologies for collecting and analyzing COCOM JIOC implementation status data
    • Create a “baseline” JIOC from which COCOM JIOCs can base their efforts
    • Capture overarching methodology and provide cognitive task analysis training
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  • ACESAggregative Contingent Estimation System (ACES)

    The Forecasting ACE project utilizes a crowdsourcing approach to forecast global events such as the outcome of presidential elections in Taiwan and the potential of a downgrade of Greek sovereign debt. The main project goals are to develop new methods for:

    • Collecting and combining forecasts of many widely-dispersed individuals in order to increase aggregated forecasts' predictive accuracy.
    • Effectively communicating forecast results to decision makers, the end users of the forecasts.
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