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Geotechnical Site Characterization Services
ARA cone penetration technology (CPT) truck used for conducting field analysis.

Our Site Characterization Services range from basic soil property determination to in-depth exploration to identify and evaluate a potentially hazardous waste site. Our fleet of 30-ton cone penetration technology (CPT) trucks can run any level of site characterization.

Trucks are specifically equipped to characterize environmental sites using ARA's specially developed and patented sensors and probes.

ARA has extensive expertise in environmental monitoring and employs specifically designed sensors, installs monitoring wells, develops remote sensing systems and analyzes data. ARA also has a fully equipped analytical laboratory for developing and testing environmental solutions.


  • Savannah River Site Characterization Savannah River Site Characterization
    • Deliver 60,000 linear feet (lf) of cone penetrometer testing
    • Provide 10,000 linear feet (lf) of seismic cone penetrometer testing
    • Provide 80,000 linear feet (lf) of groundwater sampling and other subsurface sampling activities
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  • Chromium MonitoringMonitor Chromium in the Ground at the 100-D Area of the Hanford Reservation
    • Gather surface self-potential geophysical data
    • Conduct complex resistivity measurement
    • Enhance vertical resolution of data
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